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Photo of Lori Adams

Lori Adams
5th Grade Teacher

Photo of Max Bergkamp

Max Bergkamp
Athletics Communications Director/ES P.E. Coach

Photo of Dave Bliss

Dave Bliss
Athletics Director

Photo of Sue Bolton

Sue Bolton
Computer Teacher

Photo of Michelle Brendgard

Michelle Brendgard
2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown
5th Grade Teacher

Photo of Unique Brown

Unique Brown
Pre-K Instructional Aide

Photo of Diane Butera

Diane Butera
1st Grade Aide

Photo of Jay Capps

Jay Capps
MS History Teacher

Photo of Lisa Carroll

Lisa Carroll
Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Trisha Conroy

Trisha Conroy
Computer Teacher

Photo of Lori Cooper

Lori Cooper
4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis
Math Teacher

Photo of Dennis Denton

Dennis Denton
Science Teacher

Photo of Denette Dirkson

Denette Dirkson
Elementary Librarian

No Photo Available

Towanda Foster
History Teacher

Photo of Barbara Frizzell

Barbara Frizzell
English/Science Teacher

Photo of Ian Gough

Ian Gough
3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Liz Gray

Liz Gray
English Teacher

Photo of Veronica Guilliod

Veronica Guilliod
3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Deborah Ham

Deborah Ham
1st Grade Teacher Aide

Photo of Lori Handlon

Lori Handlon
4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Linda Hill

Linda Hill

No Photo Available

Shay Johnson
MS/HS P.E. Teacher

Photo of Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones
MSHS Receptionist

Photo of Pastor Brandon Kagel

Pastor Brandon Kagel
Bible Teacher

Photo of Latoya Kagel

Latoya Kagel
1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Lisa Kincaid

Lisa Kincaid
History Teacher

Photo of Mari Kotake

Mari Kotake
2nd Grade Aide

Photo of Linda Kwok

Linda Kwok
Kindergarten Aide

Photo of Bridget Laswell

Bridget Laswell
2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Zach McKenzie

Zach McKenzie
I.T. Director

Photo of Jonnie Miller

Jonnie Miller
ES & MS Principal

Photo of Sara Ohiaeri

Sara Ohiaeri
PE Teacher

Photo of Joanne Orrico

Joanne Orrico
MSHS Librarian

Photo of Teri Pangallo

Teri Pangallo
Preschool Aide

Photo of Megan Perez

Megan Perez
Elementary Receptionist

No Photo Available

Michelle Rae
HS Math Teacher

Photo of Ivette Redford

Ivette Redford
Spanish Teacher

Photo of Jaustina Santos

Jaustina Santos
Intervention Coordinator

Photo of Judson Stubbs

Judson Stubbs
Dean of Students/Associate Athletic Director

Photo of Krista Stuhr

Krista Stuhr
School Counselor/Academic Advisor

Photo of Iandell Tabaniag

Iandell Tabaniag
Kindergarten Teacher Aide

Photo of Jessica Tolf

Jessica Tolf
Assistant to Elementary Principal

Photo of John Trevino

John Trevino
Superintendent/HS Principal

Photo of Dianne Trumble

Dianne Trumble
Elementary Art Teacher

Photo of Gina Valenzuela

Gina Valenzuela
English/Yearbook Teacher

Photo of Rebecca Weaver

Rebecca Weaver
1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Karen Zeh

Karen Zeh