Mr. John Trevino took the reins as the Superintendent of schools for Calvary Chapel Christian School on July 1, 2017. During John’s 15-year career he has built a reputation through public and private school education advocacy, growth management and instructional innovation through a Christian Education. His lifelong ties to mentoring students Spiritually and academically positioned him to become the leader of CCCS. The Lord has called him to be an administrator who really impacts the lives of the future generations. He truly loves to watch kids grow, learn, and mature into great leaders with a strong Christian foundation that will carry them throughout their lives.

Previously, Mr. Trevino served in various educational leadership positions for Denton ISD, Rogers ISD, The Highlands High School, and Texas Christian High School. In Houston, Texas he was the Head Principal/Athletic Director/PDSO of the I20 program at Texas Christian High School.

Known throughout Texas as an innovative leader in instruction and administration, Mr. John Trevino led the schools in:

  • Initiating and expanding the International Programme from preschool through high school at Houston Texas Christian School, and The Highlands School.
  • Building new pre-school classes and afterschool programs, and added infant school programs.
  • Starting Dual Credit where juniors and seniors receive college and high school credit by taking classes through Northlake College, Texas Tech University, and Lone Star College.
  • Expanding the counseling services, which among many other programs have helped high school seniors receive more scholarships. The Class of 2012 and 2016 received $3.9 million dollars in scholarships.
  • Implementing a Ninth Grade-Mentoring program for freshmen who are struggling with their basic subject courses.
  • Initiating Assistance Programs for Junior High and High School students needing special assistance and instruction.
  • Developing growth through marketing and open house programs to help with student population growth at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

In 2017, the Texas Christian Association of Schools named Mr. Trevino and Houston Texas Christian School  the “School of The Year”. The award was based on overall excellence of performance in Academics, Fine Arts, and Athletics. Mr. Trevino was also awarded Coach of the Year in Basketball for TCAL in 2016 after winning a State Championship in Basketball.

Due to Mr. Trevino’s experience with academic programs along with co-curricular and extracurricular activities, he is immediately focused on improving educational programs for Calvary Chapel Christian’s growing student population. He is committed to student engagement with a focus on student achievement.

A Word from Our Superintendent

“Thank you for your trust, commitment, and faith in Christian education at Calvary Chapel Christian School. Mr. Trevino welcomes the opportunity to foster and develop your children to thrive in our community and cultivate a solid foundation on Jesus Christ.”

Mr. John Trevino