At CCCS, technology is used on a daily basis both to make learning more engaging and to equip students with the technological skills that are relevant to our digital age. Students are challenged to integrate technology into learning through research, organizing ideas, and communication. In the Secondary technology program, students have access to a modern iMac lab and use iPads for daily instruction. Teachers also use iPads and Apple TV’s in the classroom to enhance instruction. All students are required to take a semester of computers. For students desiring to further their understanding of technology we offer a Multimedia course in the Secondary computer lab. On the Elementary campus, every classroom is equipped with a computer and projector for instruction. Some classrooms utilize ELMOs and Smartboards. All elementary students spend time in the Elementary computer lab weekly to work on typing and math skills as well as computer basics. Our primary concern for students at CCCS is for their spiritual development. It is our priority to teach students how to integrate the influence of God’s Word in their daily use of technology. Accordingly, we have developed a list of technology standards to help teach students how to honor God in their digital experience. Click on the “Digital Discipleship” link below to see our school’s technology standards:

Digital Discipleship