Assembly Bill 165 (AB 165) allows corporations to donate money to foundations that award educational scholarships to families in need. 

The amounts of these scholarships are based upon household income and range from $3750 to $7763!  This is for Kindergarten through 12th grade and has no basis on public school attendance!

Calvary Chapel Christian School is an approved school to receive these funds.  If you are eligible to apply for this scholarship and need additional assistance in filling out the forms, please contact either school office and make arrangements to come in for some assistance.

Open Enrollment for the 2017-18 AB165 funding has begun! Below you will find the application information for various organizations offering scholarships this year.  Please be aware that their awards are based upon a first completed, first awarded system.  There is a finite amount of monies that can be awarded each year, so the sooner you complete this process the better.  For more information on the organizations offering AB165 Scholarships, follow the links below:

AAA ScholarshipsEducation Fund of Northern NevadaDinosaurs & RosesAmerica's Scholarship Konnection

*CCCS recommends that you have someone proof read your application before you submit it. Organizations who offer these scholarships have had to turn down many families simply because the form was not completely filled out.

More Information on AB165

Each Scholarship Grant organization (SGO) will vary in their requirements but all will need a copy of your 2016 tax returns. With the exception of AAA, Scholarship Grant Organizations (SGO) use the income guideline listed below:

2017 Federal Poverty Guidelines (Based On 2016 Tax Data)

Household Size and Income Level

  • 1 – $36,180

  • 2 – $48,720

  • 3 – $61,260

  • 4 – $73,800

  • 5 – $86,340

  • 6 – $98,880

  • 7 – $111,420

  • 8 – $123,960