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Historic, Sweeping, Amazing

These are the words advocates are using to describe the new school choice law recently passed.  For those not familiar with the bill, SB 302 gives parents of children enrolled in public school the opportunity to apply for funds to use for qualified educational expenses beginning January 1, 2016.   I would encourage you to click the following link and read the bill.  Nevada School Choice Bill

Once a student is approved to participate in the program, the Nevada Treasurer’s Office will issue funds to underwrite educational expenses as outlined in Section 9 and further explained in the following article.

This bill has many people talking and CCCS has already received several inquiries in relationship to this legislation.  We are excited and working hard to prepare ourselves so we can work with families desiring to participate in this opportunity.  Early application is recommended to secure a spot at CCCS because applications are processed on a first come first served basis.  In addition, acceptance requirements must be met before a student can be enrolled.  To receive email updates concerning Calvary’s response to this legislation, click here to be placed on our SB 302 Information and watch list.

How SB 302 will impact the education in Nevada is largely unknown but the experts have identified this bill as the most aggressive school choice bill in the nation.

Opponents of school choice often claim this kind of legislation hurts public schools, encourages segregation, and even undermines democracy.  However, research reveals school choice actually improves academic outcomes, saves money, breaks down barriers, and strengthens democracy.  The following reports compile research from a wide range of schools and reveal data to show the impact school choice delivers.

Nevada has taken a bold step toward educational choice and Calvary Chapel Christian School is positioned to receive students desiring a Christian education.  SB 302 has potential to generate more enrollment so lets keep this legislation in prayer and ask God to give us wisdom as we step forward into this opportunity.

Legislation Distinctives:

1.  Funds (potentially up to $5,000.00 annually) will possibly be released quarterly and will most likely be issued in the form of a debit card (Sec. 8.5).

2.  Eligibility for funds requires students to be enrolled for 100 consecutive days in a public school.  It has yet to be confirmed if enrollment in the following programs would meet the requirement (Sec. 7.1).

3.  Funding is through the State Treasure Department via an application process that will eventually be available on the website.  The State Treasurer can be reached at 775.684.5600.  I would encourage you to call and ask to have your name to be placed on the list to receive information as it becomes available.  Answers may not be available when you call but they are very courteous and will take your contact information.

4.  SB 302 only addresses students currently enrolled in public school for 100 consecutive days (Sec. 7.1).  It isn’t clear if a student’s public school attendance in an earlier grade would satisfy the 100 day requirement as an older student.  These concerns and many more will be addressed during the public hearings yet to be scheduled.

To help shape the SB 302 regulations:

  • Call the Treasurer’s office to get on the information list for information (775.684.5600)

  • Send emails to register concerns (

  • Attend the public hearings when scheduled

  • Pray for favor

  • Encourage your friends to get involved