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Class of 2020
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Hey, Calvary, honestly it’s a little crazy that this day came so soon, but I am glad to say it has. My experience at calvary has been a whole trip, to say the least, but I am still thankful for every memory I made nonetheless. First off I want to thank every teacher and coach I have had over the years, I am grateful for all of you and am glad to have learned something from all of you. I also want to thank my mom and dad for everything they always have my best interest in mind and I am so grateful to have such Godly examples as parents. I want to thank all for all the people I call my best friends, You guys know who you are for real, I love and will miss ye guys, I especially want to thank Paul, Dylan, and Eddie, for letting the annoying Sophomore sit at your lunch table and become best friends, love all three of you. I also want to thank God, for always being there in the worse and best times. I also want to thank Him for the love for music I have, playing and listening to music has gotten me through life and I am so grateful for such a gift, also shoutout to Tony, Adam, Miriam, and all of the City Light Worship Team for pushing me to become better musically and as a man, could not thank you guys enough. Well, that’s it, It’s been Agape, bye Calvary.