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Braydon Smith

Class of 2020
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Hello Calvary,

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a great high school experience and for always making things exciting. Looking back at all the highs and lows, it was worth it. Thank you to all my teachers and coaches for instructing me and for mentoring me during this time. Thank you to my friends for all the memories we made together, you all were amazing. I won’t forget you guys. Thank you to Mr Guilliod for always pushing me and believing in me. I’m gonna make you proud. I also want to say thank you to my girlfriend Sabrina for putting up with me for this long and for always supporting me. I especially want to thank my family. Thank you mom and dad for everything you have done for me. Without your love and support I could not have made it to where I am today. Thank you Caylie and Tyler for being the examples I needed and for always being there for me. You guys are the best. Thank you for giving me an amazing experience Calvary, see you around.