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Class of 2020
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Heyyy it’s everyone’s favorite cripple jk Jk… but seriously… to my family, I appreciate you all so much and God really blessed me with you guys. Dad, thank you for always listening to me rant and for giving me bible studies and of course, buying me dogs when mom is gone! Jk mom, but mom thank you for putting up with us and for always being there for me when I truly need it, no matter what! To Zach and Bryan, you guys are the best brothers I could ever ask for! Even though u tease me and make fun of me 🙂 but I love you guys and I appreciate all your advice. To Manuela and Trisha, Im so happy you guys are apart of the fam and I love you guys so much! Thanks for putting up with my brothers! Also to the Criscuolo’s, thank you all for being such a loving family and blessing my family with so much! You guys are truly appreciated and I love you all more than you know! To Damian, we’ve had our ups and downs but I’m glad we made it through it. I love you so much and I appreciate everything you do for me. I will miss you. To Abbey, Tristan, and Taliah I love you guys so much! You really are the real ones. I will miss you all! And mr. Guilliod thank you for helping me grow in my faith this year even though we didn’t do much apologetics second semester. I needed it and I appreciate you. To all my other teachers… you finally don’t have to deal with my class, congrats! Jk but I love you all! Bye Calvary