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Charlie Mahakian

Class of 2020
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Hello Everyone!

It’s been a pretty jam-filled 4 years, huh? Not a single dull day ever really went by. I’m so glad I got to spend high school with this group. I’d like to thank all my classmates who were there for me. I’d especially like to thank Braydon for motivating me to better myself, and Quin for always supporting me, and being a friend. I’d like to thank the many teacher’s I’ve had, and especially Mr. Fitzgerald, who reignited a passion for video in me. I’d like to thank my dad for allowing me to attend this school, as well as my mom, who started my path here in the first place. I’d like to thank my siblings for supporting me along the way, with a special thank you to Faith for being the friend I needed in the tough times at home. Thank you Calvary. I promise you I’ll add to the ever-growing legacy.