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Tyra Perkins

Class of 2020
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First, I would like to thank God for allowing me to make it this far in life, and blessing me throughout my eighteen years of life.  Secondly, I would like to thank my loved ones for always being along side of every journey i have taken. I thank my mother for always teaching me right from wrong, and preparing me for life, and and reminding me that no matter how big the situation is, it is never too big for us not to be able to get through together. I thank my father for always pushing me, reminding me to never doubt myself, and always stay true to who I am. Being a coach for me always both on and off the court, he has always supported me, and stood by my side to ensure I accomplish every goal I have ever set for myself. I thank my sister for always reminding me to be a good role, and set the right examples for her. She has always been supportive, and has never doubted me, and has always had my back whenever I needed her, through any situation. My grandma, I thank you for always being my biggest fan, for checking up on, for always trying to put a smile on my face. She watches over, and always makes sure I am taken care of even if that means putting me before herself.  My friends throughout the years I attended Calvary have been of much help. I thank Taliah for being the best classmate anyone could ask for, along with Agape, Yorgo, and Olivia. I have many other friends here, I cannot list them all, but I thank all of them. Someone else who meant very much to me, is my best friend Marvin. One of the nicest and sweetest guys I have ever met, I thank him for always protecting me, motivating me, being supportive of all decisions I make, and always by my side. Two other people that have been very important to me throughout my journey at Calvary are Mr. and Mrs. Ohiaeri. The two of them have been great role models, and supporters for me these past three years.  I thank God one last time for placing all these important people in my life, and for giving me the chance to meet all of them. There have been many good years, and there will be many more to come.