Do I Qualify for a Tuition Scholarship?

Is it your heart’s desire to send your child to a school that offers a Christ-centered education?
Is the cost of tuition the only thing keeping you from this opportunity?

AB165 has made it possible for hundreds of Nevada students to receive a private school education!
Follow the checklist below to see if you qualify for any of the current open scholarships:

My household lives in Nevada.

My Nevada student will be at least 5 years old but not 18 years old or older on September 30, 2017

My student is entering Kindergarten through 12th grade in Nevada.

We are at or below the income listed for our household size. (See chart below.)

250% Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2017
(Based On 2016 Tax Data)

 Household Size – AB165
Income Level

If you said YES to all of the above questions, please click to here to apply for a scholarship through the AAA Scholarship Foundation.

AAA Scholarship Foundation Online Application

After you have submitted your application with AAA Scholarship Foundation, click here to complete the Application to request acceptance into Calvary Chapel Christian School.

Calvary Chapel Christian School Application 2017-2018

If you have any questions or you need assistance in filling out these forms, please call us at 702-248-8879 or send us an email at