Diversity at CCCS

In the pursuit of excellence in education, the vision & mission of Calvary Chapel Christian School is: To develop a Christ-centered environment throughout the CCCS community, that embraces the individual differences God has created in each person.

God has instilled different gifts and talents in all of us. CCCS values and cherishes these differences, believing that a diverse community creates a dynamic and harmonious school environment. CCCS believes that diversity in our student body, families, and faculty develops thinking that values alternative viewpoints and is sensitive to ethnic backgrounds, feelings, individual physical characteristics of others, as well as God-given talents and abilities. Embracing and capitalizing on the differences God has created in all of us enhances the CCCS community. Diversity at CCCS focuses on GRACE (Gender, Race, Age & Ability, Culture, Economic Status). Diversity is God’s creation and gift, given to people that they might know Him better and experience the true meaning of His love for us. CCCS cultivates a loving community centered around God and His Word. We look to His Word for the basis and context to define different parameters (GRACE) of diversity.