Dear Families,

I would like to welcome you to Calvary Chapel Christian School’s Elementary web page.

As a Principal and Educator, I truly want people to find the joy in learning and through that learning, be able to share the love of Jesus.  My passion is to concentrate on teaching and guiding teachers through encouragement, new methods, materials, and by letting them share the joy of teaching.  Through this joy, they will impact the lives of our students, parents, and community.


Jonnie Miller

Elementary School Principal

Jonnie Miller

Elementary School Principal

Elementary General Information

The Elementary division of Calvary Chapel Christian School includes students in Kindergarten through the 5th Grade. There are two classes per grade level with the goal of twenty four students per class. There are approximately 300 students enrolled in the Elementary School. In addition to their primary curriculum, the students receive instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education and Computers. Chapel is normally held once a week in the sanctuary.  It is a time for students in Preschool through 5th grade to come together for worship and Biblical devotion.  Parents are always welcome to attend.

Photo of Merle DeLong
Merle DeLong Intervention Specialist
Photo of Denette Dirkson
Denette Dirkson Elementary Librarian
Photo of Megan Perez
Megan Perez Elementary Receptionist
Photo of Jessica Tolf
Jessica Tolf Assistant to Elementary Principal

Photo of Lori Adams
Lori Adams Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Yvette Antonio
Yvette Antonio 1st Grade Teacher
Photo of Ian Gough
Ian Gough Elementary PE Teacher
Photo of Veronica Guilliod
Veronica Guilliod 2nd Grade Teacher
Photo of Deborah Ham
Deborah Ham 1st Grade Teacher Aide
Photo of Latoya Kagel
Latoya Kagel 1st Grade Teacher
Photo of Bridget Laswell
Bridget Laswell 5th Grade Teacher
Photo of Iandell Tabaniag
Iandell Tabaniag Kindergarten Teacher Aide
Photo of Dianne Trumble
Dianne Trumble Elementary Art/Music Teacher
Photo of Rebecca Weaver
Rebecca Weaver 5th Grade Teacher

In selecting classroom textbooks, both Christian and secular publishers are considered. It is recognized that Christian publishers provide a distinctive Christian perspective, especially needed in the social and physical science areas that have been so strongly influenced by humanistic philosophy.

Publishers currently being used include Abeka, Bob Jones, Positive Action, Saxon, McDougal Littell, and Write Source. The NIV Bible is used in the elementary grades and the New King James Bible is use in grades 6-12. Trade books used in the reading and literature programs may not necessarily be written by Christian authors, but are taught from a Christian perspective.

Elementary Curriculum / Publishers

Bible • Positive Action: All Grades Math • Purposeful Design: All Grades Abeka: K Phonics • Abeka: K – 2nd Reading  • Abeka: K – 2nd • Novels: 3rd  – 5th • Guided Reading and Accelerated Reader – All Grades English/Writing • Bob Jones University: 1 – 5th
Handwriting • A Reason for Handwriting: All Grades Science • Bob Jones University: 1-5th • Social Studies • Bob Jones University 1-3rd and 5th. Nevada, Our Home 4th.

Elementary Handbook
Elementary Supply Lists

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