General School Supplies

Dear Parents:
I pray you all have enjoyed summer!!  We have missed you all very much and are excited for the new school year to begin.  Below is our “general” school supply list for all students.  Your child’s teachers will be posting on Renweb any additional supplies that will be specifically needed for each of their classes. You will not be able to access this information until all class schedules have been completed, which you will be notified in advance.  
God bless you and your family and see you all soon!!
General School Supplies
·       iPad (7th-12th)
·       1 Ream Colored Copy Paper
·       3 Reams White Copy Paper
·       4 Expo Markers
·       2 Paper Towel Rolls
·       Highlighters
·       Blue/Black/Red Pens
·       Mechanical Pencils

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