Helping Hands 2015

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Calvary Chapel Christian School families and staff will all participate in our annual fundraiser. We are also starting a page for Calvary Chapel Spring Valley if they would like to participate.  In lieu of packing lunches we have partnered with Three Square who can feed 3 meals with $1, an impact 3x greater than previous years. While we are raising funds for our school, we still believe in giving back to our community. This message of giving will be integrated throughout the six weeks in the classroom and at chapel as well.


Our goal for each FAMILY is to raise $500, prizes will be given for increment steps. More information including prizes, page set up, and distribution will be handed out to students the first week of school.  As your family meets the different goals for prizes EACH of your children will be rewarded!


The fundraiser will start the first week of school and run 6 weeks with a presentation to Three Square at our football game the night of September 25th.


Calvary Chapel Christian School is raising funds to keep tuition low and close the gap between what tuition pays for and the actual cost for educating each child.  Participation in Helping Hands is a way for the entire CCCS community to support the mission and propel the vision for Christian education in Las Vegas.


The first week of school will be focused on starting the family page, a permission slip will be sent to parents of the secondary school to approve creating their pages in class. We have also come up with a social media campaign #matchyourmeal to share with friends and family to encourage them to donate to your pages, the challenge is for them to donate to your page the same amount they spend eating and drinking out (if they eat at Jimmy Johns and spend $12.60 they should also donate $12.60) AND ask them to share with 3 people, or they can donate a flat amount to your campaign ($10, $20, etc.). Share with at least 3 different people each day!



Donations Made between GOALS Prizes will be distributed
Week 1 August 10 – 16  $    50.00 Friday, August 21
Week 2 August 17 – 23  $  100.00 Friday, August 28
Week 3 August 24 – 30  $  200.00 Friday, September 4
Week 4 August 31 – September 6  $  300.00 Friday, September 11
Week 5 September 7 – 13  $  400.00 Friday, September 18
Week 6 September 14 – 21  $  500.00 Friday, September 25


For instructions on how to set up your family page, click here.

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Thank you for your support, we look forward to a successful fundraiser!