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Topic: State Standards and Developmentally Appropriate Practice at Calvary Chapel Christian
Preschool in Las Vegas

Dear Parents and Friends,

With the emergence of Common Core Standards for Preschool Education, the Preschool group
at Calvary Chapel Christian Preschool had a dilemma to resolve. Nevada created Nevada Ready,
to define the components of high-quality pre-k programs and attached the availability of
prospective grant funds to the program. As proponents of developmentally appropriate, play-
based learning for preschoolers, we needed to weave in Nevada’s standards in a manner that
we believe is appropriate for our 3, 4, and pre-kindergarten 5-year old children.

Rest assured, we have developed a curriculum and daily activities plan that maintains our
desire for a developmentally appropriate Preschool program for our children while still
integrating Nevada’s Pre-K Content Standards.

At Calvary Chapel Christian Preschool, your child will be intrigued by our tabletop sensory
experiences, actively engaged in singing, rhyming, listening, music and movement during
morning circle, and will have opportunities each day for creative expression, outdoor play,
language development, and social-emotional learning. Our science curriculum starts with the
Nature of Science in the fall which is all about the outdoor world around us. We’ll be going on
nature walks and bringing our “treasures” inside for our nature table. Religious studies focus on
establishing a positive connection with God through songs, stories, games, and crafts. Children
also have “stations” around the room to engage in art, reading, science, building, homelife, and

Calvary Chapel Christian Preschool is Family! Welcome!


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