Mission and Vision


Calvary Chapel Christian School exists to build a strong foundation upon God’s Word, Reach the heart with God’s love, and impact the world for God’s glory.


As home, school, and church work together, students will fulfill school-wide objectives and impact the world through integrating who they are with what they are doing wherever they are.

When God forms and growth occurs, students will change the world.

Vision-Related Objectives

Spiritual Development

World View

Academic Thinking

Skill Development

A student at Calvary Chapel Christian School:

    • Commits to a personal relationship with Christ
    • Upholds the Word of God
    • Yields to the leading of the Holy Spirit
    • Pursues spiritual development
    • Displays the fruit of the Spirit (Love)
    • Integrates faith and life with Biblical and moral integrity (Honor)
  • Leads as a servant to the Lord (Obey)