Raise the Flag Club Begins

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Admin. Team’s Top 10
Prayer List

10. President 

9.  Congressional Leaders

8.  Supreme Court

7.  Foreign Affairs

6.  Domestic Issues

5.  Election

4.  Police

3.  Build

2.  Reach 

1.  Impact












The “Raise the Flag Club” begins first term of service.

A new program for students to learn a way to respect our country and serve our school will begin in October on the Elementary campus.  Students accepted into the program will raise and lower the flag, fold the flag, and learn how to conduct a flag ceremony.

Applications are being accepted to join this new initiative created by Principal Judy Nye.

According to Nye, “Students don not know how to honor the flag and this is our opportunity to promote patriotism with our youth.”  The goal for the program is to teach students flag etiquette and give them an opportunity to honor one of our countries symbols.

Fourth grade students will be tested on basic facts concerning the American Flag to determine eligibility. They will learn how to fold the flag, how to raise and lower it, and then be responsible to take care of the flag each day.  Student teams will rotate on a weekly basis.  We are all excited about this new program.


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