Admission Requirements


We believe the Bible mandates that the primary responsibility of each student’s education rests with the parents, and we view the school’s role as one of partnership with the parents in the endeavor.  In order to establish and maintain a successful partnership, it is essential that parents agree with the philosophies and intentions of the school.  Further, it is essential that the parents are living a lifestyle in keeping with the Christian faith.  We recognize that parents alone have the single greatest impact on their children’s lives, and must therefore manifest, by precept and example, the highest Christian virtue, serving as a role model for their children.  This includes, but is not limited to, the refraining from such activities as are in violation of scriptural principals of godly living.  Further, the parents must acknowledge that the scriptures admonish us to abstain from every appearance of evil (I Thessalonians 5:22) and that such conduct violates biblical principals and would thereby either disqualify the student from enrollment in our school or be grounds for dismissal.


To assist in the development of Christian character and a Christian lifestyle, we require that at least one custodial parent be born again and attend either Calvary Chapel Las Vegas or another evangelical Christian church on a regular basis. Regular church attendance by parents and students goes together with church and school goals.