School Closure

A Message from the Superintendent

Dear Families,

Together, we are facing an unprecedented health crisis in our community.  In our response to COVID-19, we must depend on the wisdom of our health experts and elected officials.  We have been following the guidance of the Clark County Health District and implementing preventive and responsive strategies, but in light of the government’s request that all citizens practice measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are taking the next step.

Beginning 3/16/2020 Calvary Chapel Christian School will be closed until 4/14/2020.  All school building activities including school day instruction, before and after school care, preschool, athletics, tutoring, etc. are canceled until further notice.  During the closure, the entire facility will undergo the CDC recommended cleaning and sanitizing procedures. This necessary action is an effective way to disrupt widespread infection.

The decision to close CCCS was extremely difficult. We know that closing our school will greatly impact families and that working parents depend on the consistency and availability of services we provide.  We also recognize there are still a lot of unknowns about this disease and just how prevalent it is in our community. As testing becomes more readily available, these cases will increase. While children appear to be more protected from extreme symptoms, adults, including our staff members need support and protection as well.  Our goal has been to keep the doors of CCCS open as long as possible in order to support our students and the Calvary family. Our incredible church and school staff have been unwavering in this commitment. We appreciate their service to our children, and families.

The staff has been trained and are prepared to switch to a distance education format in order to avoid interruption to learning.  

Students participating in online learning will be required to check into classes on a daily basis, completing the required assignments in order to receive a participation grade and be counted as present in class.   Teachers will post lectures, assignments, assessments, etc. in Google Classroom and on Renweb as usual.   Teachers will post “virtual office hours” during which he/she will be available to assist with one-on-one or small group learning through video conferencing, email or online chats.  If a student or parent has questions at any time, please email the teacher and he/she will respond as soon as possible.   Please keep in mind that this will be a learning process for everyone and that teachers, many of whom have over 100 students, are trying to meet the needs of each family.  Since teachers will not have physical contact with the students, the burden to ensure that assignments are completed on time and to the best of their ability will rest on the students and parents.  The standards for late work and plagiarism are still in affect and will continue to be handled according to the Student Handbook.

The attendance and academic requirements, as mandated by the state of Nevada, are still in effect and will be required in order for a student to advance to the next grade.  If your child is too sick to complete the daily online assignments, please email our registrars Jessica Tolf (elementary)  or Linda Hill (secondary)  They will mark your student absent and the teachers will be notified.  Please contact the teacher and arrange to make up the missed assignments.  We will follow the published policy and time constraints on accepting late work.   Unless the student was too sick to complete the online work and verified by a doctor’s note, he/she will not be allowed to make up any work assigned through the distance education platform when physically returning to school at CCCS.  Teachers will work with students as usual to help them master the material, but parents will need to monitor their student’s progress to make sure they are keeping up with the workload.

Colorado Christian University (CCU) Dual Enrollment will continue through distance education. Students will still receive college credit through Colorado Christian University as long as the course requirements are met.

504 Accommodations will continue through distance education as well. Teachers are to follow 504 Accommodations to the best of their ability. Accommodations such as extended time on assignments or tests/quizzes and reduced questions (evens/odds only) can still be implemented through distance education.