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What an invigorating and sobering time we live in. As we stand on the cusp of amazing opportunities and a vast array of challenges; it is such a blessing to be reminded of God’s mercy and grace, as well a renewed realization of our purpose and vision as Christian families. It is essential that the task and privilege of establishing a Christian worldview in the lives of young people is taken seriously and executed efficiently. It is crucial that they feel nurtured, accepted, and secure as they are led to the Truth. At CCCS, it is our purpose to minister to your child and family. We intend to do this through:

  • Spiritual study and mentorship
  • Building a strong academic foundation and knowledge base
  • Helping students to function well socially and to be aware of the culture around them
  • Giving them the opportunity to learn the lessons offered through competitive athletics
  • Assisting them in discovering and honing their talents through the fine arts and other extracurricular programs

Most importantly, we desire to give the students the opportunity to fall in love with Christ, and to honor His plan for their lives. After all, the Bible teaches us that we profit nothing by gaining the whole world and losing our soul.

We would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and tell you more about Calvary Chapel Christian School. For more information, please call the CCCS office at 702-248-8879. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Julie Proud

Secondary School Principal

Julie Proud

Secondary School Principal

Secondary General Information

The Secondary division of Calvary Chapel Christian School includes students in Sixth through Twelfth Grade. There are generally two classes per grade level with a limit of twenty six students per academic class. There are approximately 300 students enrolled in the Secondary School. In addition to their core curriculum, the students have several choices for elective courses, such as Art, Choir, Guitar, Journalism, Photography, Multimedia, Yearbook, Robotics, Strength and Conditioning, Foreign Language, Technology, and Musical Theater.

Bible instruction is considered part of our core curriculum, and is given priority as the central focus of our school. Also, there is emphasis on Community Outreach and Missions for every student. Chapel is normally held weekly, and consists of student-led Worship and excellent teaching by guest speakers or staff.

We offer an award winning athletic program, including Football, Volleyball, Track, Basketball, Softball and Baseball. Physical Education is a required part of the program for each student.

One local vendor noted that, “We can immediately recognize CCCS school kids from students at any other school; especially the teenagers. CCCS teenagers are so polite and friendly and extremely well mannered compared to any other group of kids.”

We are excited to meet you and share more about Calvary Chapel Christian School. Please contact the school office at 702-248-8879, to schedule a tour.

MSHS Office

Zach McKenzie

I.T. Director
Photo of Zach McKenzie


Education and Degree:

  • Associate of Arts in Theology
  • Certificate of Completion in Fundamentals of Art


  • Calvary Chapel Bible College: Murrieta, CA and Jerusalem, Israel
  • Art Instructions Schools; Minneapolis, MN

Professional Work Experience:

  • I.T./A.V. Technician for Calvary Chapel Spring Valley–4 years
  • Head Technician at Starr Vending–1 year, 9 months
  • I.T. Director–Present

Passion Description:

Mr. McKenzie, a Las Vegas native, started at Calvary Chapel Christian School as a First Grade student in 1995 and continued attending until the end of his Eighth Grade year. He spent his High School career at Advanced Technologies Academy in order to pursue studies in Engineering Technology. After graduating, Zach transitioned to Calvary Chapel Bible College where he received his A.A. in Theology. He was then hired at Calvary Chapel Spring Valley as an intern in the I.T. department. Through his four years of work experience as an I.T./A.V. Technician at CCSV, he gained a thorough working knowledge of CCCS’s technological infrastructure as well.

“I was raised in this school, and it has been a huge part of my life; I desire to see it continue to grow and positively impact the lives of the students who grace its hallways and classrooms. I made the decision to seek employment at CCCS because I believe in the importance of Christian Education for our society; and in addition, I want to play a role in moving forward the Kingdom of Heaven in any way I can. As I.T. Director, my goal is to see CCCS utilizing technology that contributes to and does not hinder learning. By God’s grace, I hope to one day see Technology Education programs at this school which are comparable to those at CCSD’s Career and Technical Academies.”

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Social Studies



In selecting classroom textbooks, both Christian and secular publishers are considered. It is recognized that Christian publishers provide a distinctive Christian perspective, especially needed in the social and physical science areas that have been so strongly influenced by humanistic philosophy.

Publishers currently being used include ABEKA, Bob Jones, Positive Action, Saxon, McDougal Littell, Write Source, and Concordia. The NIV Bible is used in the elementary grades and the New King James Bible is use in grades 6-12. Trade books used in the reading and literature programs may not necessarily be written by Christian authors, but are taught from a Christian perspective.

Secondary Curriculum
Secondary Curriculum / Publishers

English: ACSI; Daily Grammar Practice; Norton Anthologies of World, American, and English Literature

History: Abeka: BJU Press

Math: McDougal Little; Abeka (Consumer Math)

Bible: Positive Action; Purposeful Design; Summit Ministries; ACSI; Bethany House

Science: BJU; Apologia (Marine Biology); Holt, Rinehart, Winston (Environmental Science)

Health (High School): Ignitia

Spanish (High School): Holt McDougal, Rinehart, Winston

Course of Study
CCCS provides a graded course of study for grades K through 12. Provisions are made for periodic evaluation of courses of study and for revision in order to keep pace with societal and educational change. Curriculum development reflects CCCS statements of philosophy and purpose, and is based on reliable findings from the sciences dealing with child growth and development, and learning. The methods of instruction are those which promote inductive learning through exploration and discovery, inquiry and interpretation, critical thinking and creativity. The goal of the entire school effort is to achieve proper and adequate development of the students in terms of academic learning, spiritual growth, and healthy social and physical performance.