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Photo of Lori Adams
Lori Adams Kindergarten Teacher
Photo of Yvette Antonio
Yvette Antonio 1st Grade Teacher
No Photo Available
Leanne Cameron 3rd Grade Teacher
No Photo Available
Brenda Cargile MSHS Choir/Fine Arts/MS Spanish/MS Bible
Photo of Angela Church
Angela Church Assistant Director/Preschool Teacher
Photo of Kerri Cimino
Kerri Cimino MS/HS Receptionist
No Photo Available
Jennifer Coombs Administrative Assist. to Superintendent
No Photo Available
Brennan Davis Pastor/Bible Teacher/Biblical Counseling/MSHS Guitar/HS Spanish
Photo of Merle DeLong
Merle DeLong Intervention Specialist
Photo of Dennis Denton
Dennis Denton Science Teacher
Photo of Denette Dirkson
Denette Dirkson Elementary Librarian
No Photo Available
Gordy Driver Math Teacher
No Photo Available
Samantha El-Azar ES Computer Teacher
Photo of Gayle Fee
Gayle Fee HS English Teacher
Photo of Keenan Fitzgerald
Keenan Fitzgerald Media Production/Worship Team
Photo of Towanda Foster
Towanda Foster HS History Teacher
Photo of Barbara Frizzell
Barbara Frizzell 8th Grade English & Science
Photo of Kara Geremia
Kara Geremia HS Science Teacher
Photo of Ian Gough
Ian Gough Elementary PE Teacher
Photo of Liz Gray
Liz Gray MS English Teacher
Photo of Dante Guilliod
Dante Guilliod HS Bible Teacher
Photo of Veronica Guilliod
Veronica Guilliod 2nd Grade Teacher
Photo of Deborah Ham
Deborah Ham 1st Grade Teacher Aide
Photo of Lori Handlon
Lori Handlon MS History Teacher
Photo of Katelynn Hannah
Katelynn Hannah HS Math Teacher/Yearbook
Photo of Linda Hill
Linda Hill Registrar
Photo of Latoya Kagel
Latoya Kagel 1st Grade Teacher
Photo of Lisa Kincaid
Lisa Kincaid Dual Credit History Teacher
No Photo Available
Amanda Krahenbill 3rd Grade Teacher
Photo of Linda Kwok
Linda Kwok 2nd Grade Teacher
No Photo Available
Jennifer Lannet 2nd Grade Teacher Aide
Photo of Bridget Laswell
Bridget Laswell 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
No Photo Available
Debbie Lehman MS Math Teacher
Photo of Heather McWhorter
Heather McWhorter HS Science Teacher
No Photo Available
Jamie Mejia HS Computer Teacher
Photo of Jonnie Miller
Jonnie Miller Elementary Principal
Photo of Nichole Morley
Nichole Morley Drama Teacher/ Mathematics
Photo of Sara Ohiaeri
Sara Ohiaeri PE Teacher/Biblical Counseling
Photo of Joanne Orrico
Joanne Orrico MSHS Librarian
Photo of Teri Pangallo
Teri Pangallo Preschool Aide
Photo of Mario Peralta
Mario Peralta HS Math/PE Teacher
Photo of Megan Perez
Megan Perez Elementary Receptionist
Photo of Tony Perez
Tony Perez IT Technician
Photo of Julie Proud
Julie Proud Superintendent, MS/HS Principal, Preschool Director
Photo of Ivette Redford
Ivette Redford Spanish Teacher
Photo of Brenda Sharp
Brenda Sharp MS/HS Art Teacher
No Photo Available
Brittney Smith Preschool Aide
No Photo Available
Joe Steinbach IT Technician
Photo of Judson Stubbs
Judson Stubbs HS Dean/Athletic Coordinator
Photo of Krista Stuhr
Krista Stuhr Guidance Counselor/Academic Advisor
Photo of Iandell Tabaniag
Iandell Tabaniag Kindergarten Teacher Aide
Photo of Jessica Tolf
Jessica Tolf Assistant to Elementary Principal
Photo of Dianne Trumble
Dianne Trumble Elementary Art/Music Teacher
Photo of Gina Valenzuela
Gina Valenzuela Duel Credit English Teacher
Photo of Rebecca Weaver
Rebecca Weaver 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
No Photo Available
Rebecca Youngblood Preschool Teacher