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Judson Stubbs

HS Dean/Athletic Coordinator
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Mr. Judson Stubbs is in his fourth year at Calvary Chapel Christian School. It is his pleasure and privilege to serve as your Dean of Students & Associate Athletic Director at CCCS. At Calvary, Mr. Stubbs strives to make connections between our students’ curricular and co-curricular experiences. The strategic goals that have been identified by our Superintendent, Mr. Trevino, and our Dean of Students, Mr. Stubbs, begins with academic achievement which is designed to ensure that our priorities and focus are in resources, programs, structure and services that will best allow us to serve our students through a Christian education and meet our school learning outcomes, mission and vision.


We believe the quality of campus life is crucial to the success of our students. As mentors and advisors, our staff seeks to serve as your campus advocate and provide assistance with managing academic success in all facets of education, understanding CCCS school policies and procedures, and assisting you in locating and identifying individual resources to help each student to be successful at CCCS.


Calvary Chapel Christian School provides each student with opportunities in individual development through quality services and programs focused on your student’s needs. These needs include emotional, social, physical, cultural, spiritual, intellectual, and vocational. The staff endeavors to meet your needs inside and outside the classroom. It is our goal to nurture our students’ growth and facilitate problem-solving and in order to ensure student success, we meet with our students one-on-one. At CCCS we prioritize our students’ growth and facilitate problem-solving by creating nurturing environments.


Mr. Judson Stubbs has previous experience at Collegiate and High School institutions such as:


  • Palm Beach State College
  • Houston Community College
  • Imagine School
  • Fallbrook College Preparatory Academy
  • Houston Texas Christian High School


Mr. Judson Stubbs welcomes the opportunity to meet and discuss with you the roles and responsibilities of student discipline and individual development. We are proud to serve the Lord by creating a harmonious learning environment for our students to grow individually. Furthermore, we are proud of the accomplishments of our students and look forward to seeing them succeed in the future.

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